Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tangy Ghee Aloo (potato)

This dish reminds me of part of my childhood that was spent in a bustling joint-family home with grand parents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins living in huge house. As a child, it was great fun! Though all those games and playing could take tolls on a child's education. But I remember mother taking care of this by lecturing every night my sister and myself on the virtues of education. She would weave all the amazing dreams for us about what we can become if we grow up with a good education. Thank you ma! Back to food: there had to be a cook to help with cooking for about at least 20 people everyday. One of my memories was of interesting late breakfast dishes that was conjured up for the household, that had to be tasty and quick enough I think. The choice of Ghee as this time'sJFI, immediately reminded me of one such dish- the tangy ghee aloo. When I asked my mother for the recipe, I was surprised how simple it is. But I realized after making it that all the ingredients are really quite at harmony. Also the flavor of each of the ingredients plays out well, but Ghee is definitely the king/queen. I tried a small version of it, which is just enough for about two people.


Potatoes - 2 boiled and thickly sliced
Green Chillies - 3-4 cut into small pieced
Lime juice - of 1/4 lime
Sugar- 1 to 2 spoon

Ghee - 1Tblsp
Panch Phoran [which is
or kala jeera (nigella)+
methi (fenugreek)+
saunf (fennel)+
rai (mustard) ]

( Find a good description of Panch phoran from Anyesha)

Boil and slice potatoes. Add ghee in a vessel. Add Panch phoran to the heated ghee.
Add green chillies and the potatoes. Add salt, sugar, lime juice. Add a little bit of water and let it boil away to allow all the taste to get in the potatoes.

Serve it with Puri/luchi