Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Non-food related: Blank Noise Project

This is a non-food related post. If you are in a mood to browse, I would encourage you to look at the Blank Noise Project, and support it if possible. This project spreads awareness about the reality of eve-teasing in India and the prejudices attached to it (eg. if a girl is harassed,its because of she is wearing...that's all nonsense most of the time!). Also, I have noticed that such harassment differ from state to state. For example, my experience was that Bengal was so much better in this respect compared to Bihar and UP; and Southern India (except Ooty in Tamil Nadu), is better than Northern India (all this while wearing 'super decent' salwar that is the constant factor). By this I do not want to isolate regions, but really understand where the problem lies. Any thoughts ?

I really feel strongly about this because I feel with newer technology (like stupid phone cameras, image morphings and trash emails sent, girls are being harassed more than ever before). Unfortunately, not much are being done to prevent these; though I heard some law has been placed for these cyber-crimes, but which girl in India would report such things; it's the responsibility of the authorities as well to put stricter rules. Honestly, that's one of the things of US I truely liked: I never had to bother once in the Univerisity about anything apart from my performance in work. I was never judged for how I look. I felt like a person, rather than a female. I love India a lot, and feel that we must make it a better place for everyone. I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas about this.