Monday, August 28, 2006

Golden Moru Curry (Plain Yogurt curry)

I am an adopted daughter of Kerala: that is what I was told when I went to Kerala for my wedding. And I have adopted Kerala wholehearted as well and would like to learn about both Kerala's as well as my home state Bengal's food. The similarities in the food of these two states (especially in the use of rice in various incarnations, coconut and fish curry) really amazes me. But living in US, my only teachers for the art of cooking are the superbly talented food-bloggers. I am taking the baby steps, but I know my inspirations.

Moru curry is part of everyday Kerala cuisine. Its main ingredient is yogurt/curd. It is quite lip-smacking. Accompanied with some rice and pappadums, it can be a very chatpata meal.

Yogurt- 2 .5 cups ( Beat the yogurt to smooth texture. Can use smooth mixture of yogurt and buttermilk as well)
Onion -1 (julienned)
Ginger- 1 inch (julienned )
Garlic - 3 fat ones cut into small pieces
Turmeric powder - 2
Chilly powder - 1tsp
salt to taste

Mustard seeds - 2tsp
Methi (fenugreek seeds) - 1tsp
Jeera (cumin seeds) - 1tsp

Oil - 1tbsp


  • Heat oil
  • Put the mustard seeds and once they spurt, add fenugreek seeds and jeera
  • Once they pop add the ginger, garlic , onions.
  • When onion golden brown, add turmeric and chilly powder.
  • Once this is done, remove from stove to cool the cooking the vessel a bit and add buttermilk/yogurt and stir. This is to prevent the yogurt from getting curdled. (Return to the stove if the yogurt actually feels cold~ it should be warm).
  • Add salt to taste.
This is also my contribution for JFI-Milk